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The Secrets (and not so secrets) of San Francisco’s Russian Hill
Russian Hill At 345 feet above San Francisco Bay, Russian Hill is a magical neighborhood, with secret gardens and amazing views!  Join Rick Evans as he leads us on a virtual tour of the former haunts of writers, artists and other young bohemians. View an exciting variety of buildings and architectural styles including one of [...]
41 Reasons to Love Palm Springs!
Palm Springs Palm Springs has plenty to offer fans of architecture, but knowing where to go and what to see can be a challenge  On this personally guided virtual tour you can sit back and relax as Rick Evans, takes you through the city’s diverse neighborhoods, reveal their many treasures and tell their fascinating stories [...]
Private Club Access: Diego Rivera’s First United States Mural
Diego Rivera Mural In 1931, Rivera painted “Allegory of California” on the wall and ceiling above the stairs to the Pacific Stock Exchange Lunch Club, now the City Club. The model for the archetypical California woman, presiding over the oil business, agriculture, shipbuilding, logging and other regional industries, It was Rivera’s first mural in the [...]
The Art Of Controversy: The San Francisco Rincon Post Office Murals That Congress Tried To Shutdown
Rincon Murals The interior of the San Francisco Rincon Post Office features the renowned "History of California" murals, composed of 27 watercolor murals painted by the Russian immigrant muralist Anton Refregier from 1941 to 1948 under the Federal Art Project of the Work Projects Administration. The murals, in the Social realism style, depict the history of [...]
25 Places In Los Angeles That You Must Not Miss
Los Angeles Enjoy a cocktail inside a whisky barrel.  Visit a museum dedicated to heartbreak.  Take a selfie with a polar bear.  Shop for gifts at the country morgue.  Climb a stairway to the stars.  Wander off the beaten path in this virtual tour to experience Los Angeles most uncommon and beguiling places Although this [...]
A Virtual Guide To The New High-rise Projects Tranforming San Francisco
San Francisco Architecture 14 BUILDINGS THAT WILL ALTER THE CITY SKYLINE FOREVER  San Francisco’s dense skyline continues to grow as the city anticipates the completion of some towers long under construction and the emerging profile of others underway.  These tall towers aren’t always popular—many residents actively fight against buildings sprouting up in the city, worried [...]

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