About The Tours

Welcome to the “Pre-Launch” opening of Art + Architecture Virtual Tours!

Soon you will be able to enjoy live virtual tours from your couch or your desk chair allowing you to escape from the quarantine sequestration and plunge yourself into an interactive experience from home. Each online event will include intriguing stories, anecdotes, and insights, including polls and live Q&A sessions.

Using historical and contemporary images and documents and discussion, I will lead you through an enhanced experience to explore the best of the world’s art and architecture that would be impossible with an in-person walking tour. Running approximately one hour to 90 minutes, the tours will primarily be presented through Zoom and can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world.

Currently, in “pre-launch” status, the actual live tours are not available as yet, but you now have the opportunity to be put on a waiting list for any particular tour that may pique your interests.

To check out the tours that will be offered after the pre-launch click here

– Rick Evans

About Me

Hello, Rick Evans here, previous owner and operator of the San Francisco Architecture Walking Tour…

On March 15, 2020, my 15 years of business of leading in-person walking tours of San Francisco’s neighborhoods ended due to the COVID pandemic. Leaving San Francisco, moving to Palm Springs, California I immediately started thinking of ways that I could use my extensive knowledge and passion for architecture and art in a new format that would allow me to share not only my own passions but also to encourage people to explore and discover the amazing art and architecture that surrounds all of us every day in our lives. With that goal, Art + Architecture Virtual Tours was created!

I am looking forward to sharing my passion for architecture and art with curious people from all over the world