Q. How are the tours presented?

A.  I will be hosting the virtual tour in a variety of formats – some will be live presentations that you would join in through a ZOOM link that would be sent before the start time of the tour.

Other tours may be pre-recorded and available on video sites like YouTube and Vimeo.  Each type of tour will be marked accordingly on the website.

Q. How Long are the Tours?

A. Tours typically will last around 90 minutes, but some could be as long as 2 hours.

Q. Will there be any Free Tours available?

A.  Yes!  I will generally try to have at least one free tour produced per month – these will be around 45 minutes long and available on YouTube and Vimeo Video Sites.

Q. What if I signed up for a tour but I missed it?

A.  All tours will be recorded and If you purchased a particular tour it will always be available for future viewing on your own schedule.

Q. I have never been on a ZOOM call before – Do you offer any assistance to help me?

A.  Yes – just let me know if you are a novice (we have all been at one time) and I will send you a handout that will give you several tips and tricks for a better experience using ZOOM.

Q. Is Your Website Safe?

A.  I have set up my website with an SSL Certificate which is a secured socket layer that makes the site user friendly and secure for everyone,